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​Local knowledge is a tremendous asset in ensuring that guests have a rewarding stay. To this end we ​are​committed to providing you with information andrecommendations​​that will truly enhance your visit​

Wild Mountain


​​Sandcut Beach

​​​Mystic Beach

Route 14

Our part of Vancouver Island boasts some of the most spectacular hiking trails and beaches in North America and it is our goal  tensure you experience as many of these as you can while you are here. To make this a reality, we will share our personal suggestions with you and provide you with handouts for exploring these. They include mileage and driving time, THEbest walks and hikes in our area and  recommended stops along the way. Although there are many tied for first​we recommend French Beach, Sandcut, Jordon Rover. Mystic, China Beaches and Sombrio. And beyond these, Port Renfrew and the renowned Botannical Beach, a World Heritage site and home of one of the most unique ecosystems in the world which thrives in the tidal pools.


  Our own Eaglecrest Trail


Other recommendations are:

1) The West Coast Grill at the Prestige Hotel on West Coast Road. The hotel is on the water and the main dining room is lovely, the staff

    efficient and friendly and the food excellent. There is a bar/bistro as you come into the hotel which is also good.

2) Hara Sushi for all you sushi lovers, located  in the Village Market right in town. Excellent sushi!

3) Wild Mountain, a wonderful intimate restaurant on Maple Avenue near the water that offers a very interesting menu with the freshest of


4) Route 14, a lively pub bistro with friendly staff and a varied bistro menu.



​​​​​On the far right is Eaglecrest Trail, a  lovely wake up walk  out our front door, up beyond the paddock and out the side gate onto 

Eaglecrest Road. At the top of the hill, you'll see a sign for Eaglecrest Trail which is part of a  3 acre nature parkthat meanders 

through the forest to a summit. There and back about 50 minutes.​​​

Last but by no means, least, comes Food, Glorious Food! On your way to or from a hike travelling west on West Coast Road, you cannot

skip Shirley Delicious. 11 kilometers from us in Shirley, this small A Frame eatery has been written up in TheNew York Times and is the perfect place to pick up something sweet or savory to take with you for your hike or picnic or, alternately to enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch or snack. ​​

Soar far above your expectations on a thrilling and exhilerating  treetop adventure that offers fun and educationalinsight

into the wildlife, history andtopography of Sooke. A testimonial for Adrenaline:"It was super fun but what really

made it stand out for us was our wonderful professional guides.What a great way to spend your time in Sooke. Our

guide was awesome as he took time to make every line as fun as possible." 

An experienced crew will take you on an exhilarating west coast marine adventure that will thrill your senses and leave you with a

deep appreciation for the amazing creatures that inhabit our waters. Offering a perfect balance of excitement, safety and education,

your zodiac will cruise the open west coast waters looking for our Southern resident killer whales and Orcas. The best months

are May through October when your chances of seeing them in all their glory are 95%. You will not be  disappointed.

​​​China Beach

Sooke's surfing beach - Sombrio

Anglers come from all over the world to chase Sooke's Chinook, Coho and Sockeye salmon as well as Halibut. We will We will happily hook you up (pun intended) with the most knowledgeable and professional service providers. The proof is always in the pudding and we have had many guests come back after a morning or a day out with ample catches. Our two wonderful

guests from Venezuela, Anna, an executive chef who oversees all the Cruise ship kitchens of boats going to The

Galapogos and Emma, a marine biologist living in Florida, came back with 60 pounds in just three hours.


​​​French Beach

​​The Prestige